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Frequently Asked Questions
What does “software” mean?

For us, it primarily means web and mobile applications, designed and built to meet specific needs and solve problems for organizations that do good.

While we sometimes build straightforward websites, the core of our work is custom, professional software that we strategize and develop from the ground up.

See a few examples of our work.

What does “for good” mean?

As a public benefit corporation, we measure everything we do by the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, and Profit. We ask about each project: Is this going to positively impact the people around us and the broader world? Will it make people happier, healthier, more able to participate in society? Is this work sustainable? Will it lead to a safer, greener future?

Our team is made up of people who are passionate about issues including sustainability, clean energy, education, the arts, healthcare, social justice, and racial and gender equity — as well as the desire to work with clients whose values align with our own.

So you only work with nonprofits?

Not at all! Our clients include nonprofits, but also social enterprises, for-profit corporations with social good missions, government and educational institutions, and entrepreneurs.

And while we seek out clients who work for social and environmental impact, we also appreciate our clients that aren’t directly mission-aligned. Their choice to do business with a purpose-driven company gives us more flexibility to work for good.

Is your work discounted or pro bono?

We offer a “good” rate for mission-driven organizations, and tailor services strategically to our clients’ budgets.

That said, we do build custom, professional software products, and our team of expert developers earn competitive salaries and benefits. A web or mobile application is something you’ll have to budget for, and you may need to seek specific funding.

Organizations with limited budgets can also apply to our Giving and Internship Program, which makes custom software more affordable while offering paid experience for students and recent graduates. Projects chosen for this program are offered at a discounted rate.

Are you hiring?

We love using our tech superpowers for good, and we’re flattered when others want to join us. Check our Careers page for openings, or sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new positions open up.

Have a question we haven’t answered here? Curious about building tech for good? Send us a note.

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