Justice and inclusion are
at the heart of our values.

Software for Good is committed to social justice, equity, and inclusion as part of our core mission and values. Pursuing diversity is our responsibility as a technology company.

The products we build can have a powerful impact on the people and organizations who use them, making it essential to hire a diverse team of designers, developers, and decision-makers. Because of historical inequities in tech, we know that hiring and training up-and-coming developers is an important part of making the industry more diverse and inclusive.

Our Definitions


Diversity means including and accepting people with many different backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and identities. It means thinking about how we represent the community, and pushing back on white-as-default thinking.


Equity means making sure that everyone gets fair treatment. Distinct from treating everybody the same, equity means recognizing disparities and helping those who need it most, with particular attention paid to people who have been systemically oppressed. Equity means fair pay, pay transparency, and equal benefits.


Inclusion means going out of our way to figure out who’s not at the table and welcoming them in. It means providing opportunities for all to participate and removing barriers for those who may find it difficult to engage. It means investigating, acknowledging, and working to remove our biases. It means valuing each individual as an individual. It means building things that are accessible for everyone.

Our Current Efforts

Human-Centered Design & Experience

Even the most well-intended tech products have the potential to be used for harm. We approach projects with “empathy first, technology second,” and conduct research with our clients’ audiences to understand their needs and experience. We also design for accessibility and inclusion; for example, by updating form questions that ask about demographics and identity to make sure they’re not excluding people.

We are always looking for new ways to evaluate our projects and the software we build, aiming to avoid unintended negative consequences and stay accountable to the people who will be directly affected.

Apprenticeship Program

Software for Good’s apprenticeship program creates opportunities for people entering the tech industry, including those from underrepresented groups. In summer 2021, we were awarded a competitive grant by Minnesota’s Department of Employment and Economic Development Program to fund and expand our program. We are now part of DEED’s Tech Training Pilot Program, focusing on securing full-time tech industry jobs for young adults who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

Hiring & Employee Retention

When hiring full-time staff, we do not require specific credentials or years of experience and use job boards aimed at people of color such as Black Tech Talent and People of Color in Tech.

We survey employees regularly about their satisfaction and engagement, and provide support through mentorship and a budget for professional development. We also provide training about working with diverse team members; for example, we hosted a training with Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) about supporting Muslim colleagues.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

We partner with and/or sponsor organizations focused on equity and inclusion, including Techquity, The Coven, Pollen, Black Tech Talent, and 30,000 Feet. We have sponsored events including the City of Minneapolis Trans Equity Summit and the Black Tech Talent Summit.