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Job Post: Contract Back-End Developer

The LEAD Project

We’re thrilled about our partnership with LEAD, the Leadership Emergence and Development Project. LEAD is a Twin Cities-based nonprofit dedicated to helping young professionals get involved with local charitable and philanthropic organizations. As LEAD explains, many young professionals don’t quite realize just how valuable their perspectives will be at a nonprofit’s board table. LEAD encourages … Continued

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

There is a reason software development shops are great: we’re a melting pot of talent. At Software for Good, we have a plethora of individuals who all bring their own unique skills and talents to the table. (Don’t touch the hot plate!) Recently I’ve taken over as lead on a project that is being used … Continued

Open House Tonight!

Our open house is tonight! Come swing by, meet our team, enjoy some light snacks and refreshments, and win some meat in our meat raffle. See you there!

Vague and Unfinished Thoughts on Typefaces and Coding

I never thought I’d get to this point. The point where I use the command line every day, and weeks go by without firing up any of the Adobe CC programs. When I made the move to Software for Good, I did so with the intention of making this kind of transition, but I don’t … Continued

Technology, Design & Why I Read Fiction

Last month, Bill Gates published a piece about the best books he read in 2013. It’s an interesting list: Jared Diamond of Guns, Germs, and Steel fame; a Vaclav Smil, unsurprisingly; an entire book about the history of the shipping container; etc. Interesting? Definitely. Diverse? Not quite. Gates even admits it. “You may notice that there aren’t any … Continued

Unicorns Everywhere

So, there is this thing about my life that is hard to explain. I have a carefully curated Pinterest board full of unicorns. Over 250 unicorns, actually. Let me explain. Part 1: The Setup I once worked as a developer for a boss who didn’t really understand the Internet or websites or what they were … Continued

Making Business Worthwhile: Betterness

The Triple Bottom Line for business: People, Planet, Profit. Meaning that to be a good business, we must reinvest in our community (people), reduce our ecological impact and be environmentally responsible (planet), and recognize that honest work is the foundation for sustaining a company (profit). The Triple Bottom Line is a great first step in … Continued

Space, Design, and Well… More Space.

I am very publicly a giant space nerd. Anyone who has ever met me would probably put that as one of the first (and probably most annoying) things to note about me. But my love for space goes beyond that of a boy who grew up watching Star Wars and shuttle launches in crowded elementary … Continued

Software for Good is Getting Creative

A Complete Digital Solutions Team Starting today, Software for Good is no longer just a software development firm. Still with the same technical expertise and emphasis on helping progressive and forward-thinking companies to succeed, we are excited to announce that we have grown into a complete digital solutions firm. With local design expert Jamey Erickson … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions

Another year, another opportunity to grow. With some new motivation all fueled up, here’s a sampling of the team’s 2014 resolutions: Continue to build Software for Good’s user experience offerings with more rapid prototyping. (Evan) Get better at RSpec. (Joe) Bike more than 1,263 miles. And past November 20th. (Peter) Eat more vegetables. (Shannon) Speak … Continued

The Hidden Costs of Apps

“I have an idea for an app. How much would it cost?” It’s something I hear on an almost weekly basis. Mobile applications are extremely popular, and many people believe that their app idea will help them to get rich quick. Most people are shocked when they hear the development of their app could be … Continued

Book Report: The Circle by Dave Eggers

I just finished reading The Circle by Dave Eggers. Some thoughts below: Quick Synopsis Mae Holland is a young 20-some-year-old new hire at the Circle, Eggers’ fictional (and gargantuan) Google-meets-Twitter-meets-Amazon dreamland of a company in California. The Circle dominates the Internet, its products and services connecting every technological aspect of human life. The company boasts transparency and … Continued