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Insights / February 10, 2015

Why We Love Slack

By Matt Decuir

We love Slack here at Software for Good.

In the words of our team:

“It’s our meeting place. The office isn’t where we meet anymore, it’s Slack.” – Casey, CEO

“It’s the pulse of the company. It reflects how well we work together as a team.” – Peter, Project Director

“I love that it allows me to work from anywhere and still know what’s going on in the office.” – Evan, Developer

“I honestly get one work email per week.“ – Eric, Developer

“I don’t have to use email anymore. It saves me so much time.” – Beth, UX

“I spend way less time in email on any given day. It’s amazing.” – Matt, Project Manager

“It’s nice that I don’t have to email someone to get their attention.” – Ryan, Developer

“It allows for easy communication without a lot of noise” – Erik, Developer

“I like the simplicity and the UI. I wouldn’t be able to communicate as effectively without it.” – Shane, Developer

“I like being able to refer back to the history of a conversation. It’s great for that.” – Andy, Developer

“It’s quick, constant communication. Slack keeps us connected no matter where we’re working.” – Abby, Marketing

“I like that it syncs really well with Github.” – Song, Developer

“I’m glad it has IRC integration.” – Kevin, Dev Ops

“It’s the IRC of the future. My favorite thing about it is Hubot.” – Jared, Developer

“It has great features without being creepy.” – Brad, Developer

“Unless you have Brad’s avatar turned on, then it’s creepy.” – Eric, Developer

“I like the gifs, image bombs and karma (thanks to Hubot). Plus it’s good for communication too, I guess.” – Abbie, Developer

“I like the custom emojis (especially left shark). I don’t feel like it’s intruding on my personal life.” – Ari, Designer

And with that, I’ll leave you with our favorite animated gif of late:

left shark