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Insights / March 5, 2013

Thinking BIG and starting small turns our interconnected world…a shout out to coders.

By Casey Helbling

Ideas travel within organizations through the hearts and minds of people who aren’t afraid to imagine what is possible.

Microsoft Global Foundation, Mayo Clinic Online Communities, Charity Water, YouTube, and every organization that has changed the way we connect with others on the web started with a single idea that was championed for through it’s iterations.

Among the many ‘calculated,’ and otherwise ‘lucky’ moments that make up the journey of continued success on the web for these organizations, are also three unique, but key elements that connect their frameworks. These elements lay at the heart of each contribution put forth on the web from these organizations.

  • The first is the need to help others through actionable connection 
  • The second is the ability to effectively collaborate on function and design 
  • The third is, well …great code 

Around here, we place high value on great ideas and are frequently awed by process of their transference to web environments that help people. We’ve come to deeply understand the challenges in carrying out leadership, inspiring determination, and managing collaboration along side the mission-minded teams and clients we work with.

In the end, we’ve learned that when we together, anything is possible.

Check out this well-articulated video that demystifies the art, education, and future of web development…

We’d love it if you’d share a story of how your organization is using ideation, collaboration, and code to make a difference in the lives of others using the web.