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Insights / March 30, 2015

Get Dirty

By Abby Breyer

As a kid, it didn’t get much better than an afternoon in the sandbox. Digging with your hands or those cheap little sand shovels. Creating trenches and packing buckets to build giant towers, then knocking them down and starting all over. Sand up your shorts and down your shoes, and probably a bunch stuck to your scalp because really all you have to do is look at a sandbox to become a head-to-toe mess.

It made your mom want to cry, all that sand. But that was time well spent. Sure, you were a dirtball by the end. But you were also creating. Building. Using your imagination. 

This week, we’re going to channel our inner six year olds and get dirty and build awesome things. It’s time to jump in and dig deep, even if it means making a huge mess. Because creativity rarely, if ever, hovers right at the surface. And it certainly isn’t found by those sitting neatly on the sidelines.