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Insights / August 31, 2015

Do Something Out of Character

By Casey Helbling

This week, try something out of character. Step outside your ingrained personality box and experiment with an opposing mindset. Don’t limit yourself in the way you think about a question or problem. By actively experimenting with the way we think, we will hopefully become more creative problem solvers and more empathetic individuals.

If you are a conservative or cautious person, do something radical. If you are a planner, try winging it. If you’re normally the last to join a meeting, try being the first. If you’re typically the one to call a meeting to order, let someone else kick it off.

The best way to approach this challenge is to first be certain you know yourself. Take some time to think deeply about your fundamental personality and the one character antonym you want to express. Then, once you’ve done something out of character, reflect on how you felt, how you experienced your environment, and how others treated you. Learn and grow from this.

Social experiments FTW.