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Insights / August 13, 2018

Sun’s Out, Get Out

sun's out get out theme of the week

By Jenessa White

In Minnesota, if you blink, you could miss the summer. Heck, if you sleep in too long you will probably miss spring too. As we come to mid-August, summer is almost over, just as quick as it came.

Summer provides us with a renewed energy. We get to eat on patios without outdoor heaters, jump off of docks into thawed-out lakes, trade in our ice skates for rollerblades (but let’s be real, ice arenas are just as busy because this is still Minnesota), and we get to mow our lawns a few times before we have to pull out our snowblowers again. Being outside provides us with a number of benefits, physically and mentally. Studies have shown that the benefits to sunlight alone are huge, like:

• Increases your blood’s oxygen count

• Builds your immune system

• Aids with curing depression

• Can even help your kids grow (insane, right?)

So as the Minnesota summer winds down, and we transition from swimsuits to cardigans and then to winter coats, make sure you get outside. Hang out with your friends or family on the beach or in the park a few more times. Go to that place with the patio you’ve been thinking about for weeks. Go spend a weekend hiking and camping.

Go outside, see the sun, and let it give you the boost you need to transition into fall.