Sharon Kennedy Vickers

Sharon Kennedy Vickers

she/her — CEO

Sharon Kennedy Vickers leverages over twenty years of leadership and software engineering experience to connect people to resources needed to live fully and free. She has served in multiple sectors including private, nonprofit, education, and government. She joins Software for Good after five years serving residents in the City of Saint Paul and the global civic technology community as Chief Information Officer (CIO). She provided leadership of the City’s Office of Technology & Communication (OTC), overseeing cybersecurity, infrastructure and operations, digital solutions, technology business management and digital communications, and supporting 15 business units/departments. She was responsible for ensuring the city used data and technology to create a more welcoming, just, and inclusive Saint Paul by co-creating people-centered digital solutions. Sharon is a champion for equity in tech and is intentionally focused on creating an inclusive digital economy in Minnesota, including as co-founder of Techquity and co-organizer of Code Switch, a civic hackathon.


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