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Insights / September 25, 2013

On the Agenda: Crank ‘n’ Drank

By Sara Simon

Tomorrow night, the Software for Good office will be spending some quality time with the bottom quarter of our to-do list. It’s time for another Crank ‘n’ Drank.

The idea came to us from Medium, the online publishing platform launched by Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone. Once a week, the folks at Medium chill some beers, stay a bit late, and dedicate the evening to, in their words, janking ‘n’ dranking.

We took their “jank,” changed it to “crank,” and ran with the idea. But we won’t be “cranking” out just any old code. Crank ‘n’ Drank is a night reserved for a very specific kind of work.

Here’s the scoop:

Every organization has significant but deadline-less tasks to accomplish. More often than not, those tasks get pushed aside to make room for more urgent projects.

Of course, urgent projects keep the important work moving but in order to be better, more efficient, and more effective at the important work, we need to take a bit of time every so often to step back and invest in making it happen.  

At last month’s Crank ‘n’ Drank, we consolidated our databases onto a dedicated server, cleaned up some cruft that had found its way into old projects, and most importantly, designed the architecture for a new organizational tool that will help us to be more open and transparent with clients. 

What’s on our Crank list this month? We’ll find out tomorrow night. One thing’s for sure, though. The Drank list will be something delicious.