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Insights / June 19, 2017

No Place Like it

By Jenessa White

Home. A home can be many things, but what it should be is your sanctuary. A place where when you close and lock that door you feel an instant wave of relief. Relief from the relentless grind of each day. A place where you can decompress from the stresses of work, friendships, family. A place where you can go break down without judgment after hearing devastating news. A place where you can dance terribly when you finally hear the news you’ve been hoping for.

These are things we all know a home should be, but sometimes we forget, we get busy, we have underlying stress, we forget about self-care, and sometimes we let people in that have no business in our lives. So how do we reset?

First, slow down. Nowadays we’re all moving at speeds that would classify as reckless driving. Take a day off work, do the things you’ve been meaning to do at home. Then at the end of the day be proud of the small wins.

Next is the purge. Remember this, if something, or someone, doesn’t serve a positive purpose in your life, it is time to let it go.

Clutter of things or people in your space will never give you the serenity that you desire.

Lastly reflect, reflection is one of the keys to understanding how you got where you are so that you can know how to move forward.

So this week slow down, think about what or who needs to be let go, and reflect. Then next week, when you come home and close that door behind you, take a deep breath and smile because there’s no place in the world you’d rather be.