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Insights / February 14, 2014

The LEAD Project

By Sara Simon

We’re thrilled about our partnership with LEAD, the Leadership Emergence and Development Project. LEAD is a Twin Cities-based nonprofit dedicated to helping young professionals get involved with local charitable and philanthropic organizations.

As LEAD explains, many young professionals don’t quite realize just how valuable their perspectives will be at a nonprofit’s board table. LEAD encourages these young folks to reach out to and connect with local boards. It’s a win-win situation: LEAD encourages young professionals to gain experience and share their skills while allowing local organizations to branch out, hear fresh ideas, and learn from the youngsters.

From the LEAD team: “Over and over, we heard that young professionals wanted to do more in their community but didn’t know how. To solve that problem, we needed to build a first-class website to connect young professionals with inspiring service opportunities. Software for Good was the perfect partner in bringing a sound digital solution to our real world problem.”

Thanks, LEAD! We’re thrilled with how the new site turned out, and our hope is that the revamp will help to draw attention to the fantastic work that you’re doing. “Software for Good” at its finest.