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Insights / October 31, 2017


By Casey Helbling

Sometimes, we end up put on the spot to deliver something that we didn’t know we needed to deliver or quite how to deliver it. There’s an urge to run away, or procrastinate, or just plain say no. This week when those unexpected questions or requests come at you, improvise!

Instead of panicking, take a lesson from improv and try saying “yes, and…” It’s great to think things through beforehand, but that can also become paralyzing. So instead of overanalyzing, just get started! Start writing that speech, start writing that code, start drawing that picture—say yes and get started, even if you don’t know where you’ll end up.

Still not sure how to improvise, or what value it will bring to your work? Stay tuned—we’ll have more on the blog about that this week!